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“we don’t talk about targets anymore, that’s a word that thieves and warmongers use, we talk about communities. From your staff, suppliers and partners to your end user customers, when you see them as ‘communities’ you start to engage in a different way. If you see them as ‘targets’ you just try to exploit them.”

Businesses that know how to use community engagement have an important competitive advantage. They gain a sustainable relationship with customers, prospects, stakeholders and even with society as a whole that goes beyond transactions or conventional marketing communications.

We think it helps to prepare our clients for the rigorous challenges of the mid 21st century.

It is important enough to merit its own distinctive marketing category – Business to Community, or B2C2.

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CONNECT2 builds trust

The role of business in society is an increasingly important subject, because “businesses that have the trust of society are more successful, by every measurement”.

Engaging with consumers through community networks – the main constituent parts of society – builds trust for both businesses and brands.

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CONNECT2 demonstrates company purpose

Lots of companies talk about their company purpose. Community Engagement provides the means to demonstrate ‘core company purpose’ in action, at the same time as amplifying brand messages and driving positive word of mouth.

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CONNECT2 drives sustainable growth

Communities provide trusted reference points for your customers. We know how to identify and harness powerful networks and access them to drive community-led propositions that drive sales and loyalty.

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Businesses today face a raft of issues linked to trust. Corporate reputation, business reputation and corporate purpose are all key to this, which is why consumer community engagement provides a major new opportunity to address trust issues.

58% of CEOs worry that lack of trust in business could harm their company’s growth
(PWC research, 2017 Davos Summit)

In his influential book Connect, John Browne (the former chairman of BP and advisor to many FTSE CEOs) advises companies of the imperative to ‘engage radically’ with society in order to succeed in today’s business world.

As government spending is reduced, the role of communities is also changing and expanding – they have increasing expectations of businesses to help them to meet their objectives.

CONNECT2 connects and answers these needs, to the benefit of all.

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CONNECT2’s success is built on our unique bespoke data platform, which connects our clients to thousands of consumer communities around the UK profiled by scale, location and geo-demographics. Through these communities we can reach around 75% of the UK population.

Working with insights from real-world community Connectors, we develop powerful propositions that resonate strongly with relevant communities. We plan powerful community engagement strategies and implement community marketing campaigns that connect through personal networks, social media and word of mouth.

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